• Where can I buy my favourite Charm London bags?

    It's great that you are not only looking for a Charm London bag but that you also have a specific item in mind! We will do our best to inform you as fully as possible about our complete current collection. Although you aren't able to put your favourite bag directly in your shopping basket and order it via our website, we have listed all of the (online) dealers for you so you can easily shop around.
    Please note: Not every store will have all of our items in stock, so please contact your selected store first to check availability or ask if they can order your favourite bag for you.
    If you still need help with anything, please feel free to contact us and we'll help you in your search.


  • How does my suitcase lock work?

    Wow, you're the proud owner of a Charm suitcase! Now you can travel in style. The Charm London suitcase has a TSA combination lock. Please check the instructions before travelling. That will save you any unnecessary panic!

    The Charm London suitcase (item number 17682) closes with a zipper and has a TSA combination lock with a sliding button. The locks are all set to the default code of 0-0-0 by the factory. To set your own code, do as follows:

    Please note: Remember your code or store it well. After changing it, the code 0-0-0 will no longer work!
    ● Make sure that the zipper sliders are not in the lock
    ● Set the code to default code 0-0-0
    ● Use a pen or another small object to press the catch until you hear a click
    ● Now turn the wheels to your desired code
    ● Slide the large button (with the keyhole) sideways, the catch will pop up and your new code is set
    ● As a reminder, store your code in a safe place! You wouldn't be the first person who couldn't open their suitcase on holiday... Oh no!

  • Panic! I can't remember the code to my suitcase lock! How am I supposed to get my suitcase open? 

    If you can't remember the combination code of your lock, it's best to take your suitcase to the shop where you bought it. Already travelling? Hopefully there will be a bag store nearby. If not? Please contact us.

  • I don't have any keys, but there is a keyhole in my TSA combination lock. Why is that?

    That's right! You have a TSA combination lock, which you can recognise by the red logo and the letters TSA. These locks can be opened by security personnel at airports using a special key. For example, customs can check your luggage without having to break your lock. Very handy! The keyhole is therefore not for your own use.


  • How can I best take care of my Charm London bag?

    It's understandable that you want to take good care of your bag. That will help to keep it looking good for longer and allow you to enjoy it for longer! The materials of leather, suede and imitation leather require different methods of care. Here are a few tips:

    Caring for leather and suede bags
    Leather is a natural product that can be affected by light, dirt and moisture. To protect your bag against these influences, we recommend using a suitable wax or spray from the Collonil brand, for example. Ask in the shop about which product is the best match for your bag's material. Did you have a little mishap later? Collonil also has a wide variety of products to repair any stains or damage as much as possible.

    Caring for imitation leather bags
    Imitation leather or artificial leather (PU) is less susceptible to external influences, making it easy to clean with just a slightly damp clean cloth. Please note that over time and with more frequent cleaning, the top layer of the material may become less supple. For this reason, it is best to give your bag the right imitation leather care treatment after cleaning to help it retain its flexibility and colour. Charming!

    One more important thing: Don't forget the inside of the bag! Things can always get left behind in your bag, so giving it a gentle shake out or a quick hoover once in a while is a good idea!

Warranty & complaints

  • Do Charm London items come with a warranty?

    We set high quality standards for the production of every Charm London item, yet it is possible that something may go wrong with your Charm London product. We offer a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects, such as zippers and stitching. Damage due to wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.
    Is there an issue with your Charm London bag? In that case, it is generally best to go back to the shop where you bought the bag with your purchase receipt. The retailer will then try to resolve the problem, with our help if needed.
    Are you unable to return to the shop? In that case, please contact us. State the issue clearly and include a photo of the problem as well as a photo of your purchase receipt. We hope that we will be able to help you quickly!
    Has your warranty expired? Please contact us and we will look for a suitable solution.


Charm London is a brand of Dugros, wholesaler and partner in leather goods. More information on the company is provided on the Dugros website.

  • Where and how are Charm London products made?

    The production of Charm London bags, purses and suitcases takes place in China, in various factories with which we work closely. In addition to the fact that these factories observe our strict quality standards, all of these locations have also undergone audits based on Amfori's Code of Conduct. Amfori is an organisation that promotes fair trade for people and the environment worldwide. This means that Charm London's products are produced in factories that are inspected in accordance with Amfori rules.