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Charm London in your shop

Do you have the fortunate task of buying bags and leather goods for an (online) fashion store? Or maybe you have your own clothing boutique or online shop and want to expand your range with trendy bags and purses? Then you are at the right place with Charm London!

No doubt you have already explored our website and read more about Charm London and our collection. In that case, you already know that we believe a great stylish bag doesn't have to be expensive. Young women want the perfect elegant bag for every occasion and soon you will be able to offer them just that!

Smart shopping

Okay, that cool collection with great affordable bags is perfect. But how do you get them into your product range? It's very easy. You can buy Charm London items at Dugros, our wholesaler and your partner in leather goods. This makes it easy to buy each item from stock on a daily basis. You can then keep your shelves full and your risk low. Easy peasy!

Dugros has a Cash & Carry shop in Oud-Beijerland where you can view and feel the entire Charm London range, and take it with you! You can also shop online 24/7 at the Dugros B2B webshop. Orders placed on workdays before 12.00 noon are shipped the same day!


Winning together

We can only win by working together. Charm London doesn't sell via its own channels, so our success is entirely built upon your charms as a retailer. We'll do everything we can to help you make the sale. For example, we make quality product photography and mood photography available, we publish a B2B catalogue twice a year and you will receive the e-mail newsletter with the latest news.

In addition, we are building up more and more fans on Instagram en Facebook .

“Shopping is never a bad idea”